Why to be afraid?

fearOne of the biggest defense tools our mind has is the ability of being afraid, an instinctive reaction especially developed to keep us alive in a hostile and potentially lethal environment, Such defense makes us have three possible attitudes: paralysis – search for more information in order to make a decision –, fight – elimination of threat –, or escape – exit of action field.

We feel special fear of the unknown, of whatever has no connection to our experiences or our sensitive world, which helped our ancestors think twice before entering the dark cave, but disturbs when we face new routes in our lives, for instance. Therefore, many times, we prefer to get stuck to something relatively bad, but familiar, to search for new alternatives.

This mechanism of defense has worked very well while we needed to worry about concrete survival questions; however, with the increasing complexity and subjectivity of our lives, we have brought these mechanisms to areas in which these self-protection sensations are not necessarily applicable.

The elementary structures of our brain are constantly alert to shoot almost instant reactions towards what can be considered a threat and whenever we feel fear; our brain understands that it needs a certain reaction in face of similar situations, repeating and reinforcing successively the behavioral patterns learned.

However, instead of giving ourselves to instinctive reactions in face of potential news in our lives, let us use our time to rationalize our feelings, balance out pros and cons and allow ourselves to fly, not because we are not afraid, but because in spite of fear, we have the vital potential to dive into something completely new.

When we truly move our conscience to our ghosts, to their origins, to what they bring to our lives and, mainly, to what they prevent from existing in our lives, they magically lose their power to influence our system. The ability to dare face them, dare do and be different grants us huge power over ourselves and our fate.

It is clear that setbacks are always a possibility, but who cares? Being totally committed to success, we face each flop as learning and a new breath to try again. Which are your three top fears? Which one is the toughest? How would you feel if you did not have it anymore? What would change in your life?

The farthest view is only conquered from the heights. You have wings, do not be afraid of spreading them.

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