The weight of vulnerabilities

Each one of us has a unique contribution to offer the world which, many times, does not become reality for several reasons, making people spend a life of routines and circumstances that do not lead to the building of our legacy at all. Factors such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, lack of self-knowledge, low self-esteem, and negative experiences contribute to the building up of limiting beliefs that halt people from being free to dream and perform deeds that are meaningful of our experience on this planet.

Many of these mental and emotional ties come from vital vulnerabilities of several different kinds: intellectual, emotional, social, sexual, physical, financial, and so on, in which people find themselves in some risky situations, imprisoned in some logic that does not let us act according to our purposes in life, repeating behavioral patterns that reinforce whatever we believe in (or have learned to do so), which generates a vicious circle of numbness not rarely without any perception of either surrounding limiting factors or ways to get rid of them.

Fact is that only freedom makes one shine. Freedom in all senses: to love, feel, think, act, and exist authentically. Any kind of prison veils talents, gifts, and true contributions to the world making life full, filling it with meaningful daily fights that bring in the fulfillment of living. Thus, the less vulnerable a person is, the stronger the power to enlighten his surroundings and bigger his ability to meet his essence, his mission and, last but not least, his true aims in life.

In time, it is important to highlight that we are not discussing the interchange of vulnerabilities described by Erickson, who shows that there is some synergic power between two or more people if everyone pushes down their defenses in order to have a true exchange of vital energy and a deep combination of the systems involved to reach objectives of empowerment and building up.

Based on these reflections, we raise some questions: What are our main vulnerabilities? Which one, once eliminated, would bring the most positive impact to life? What can we do today to start weakening it?

In a scale from zero to ten, how committed to this change are we?

No change is comfortable. However, in order to reach new destinations, one has to tread new roads. In case there are difficulties on the road, having someone riding by and bringing support, self-knowledge, vision, incentive, help to keep the focus on our objectives (someone like a Coach, for example) enhances the experience a lot. It is not easy, but it is worth investing our energy, time and dedication to build up our legacy. In spite of the challenges, the important thing is never to forget that wasting a second of life not shining in your plenitude is great loss to Humanity.

You are important: free yourself of all ties that are unimportant and fly the highest you can dream of. Shine!

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